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Yuugi Mutou plz account

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2009, 2:35 AM
 This Yu-Gi-Oh! plz account of Yuugi Mutou was made by :iconbrotherlyfluff:.

Plz accounts are accounts that are usually inactive and that are only used for their avatars. They have the same purpose as emoticons. Their usernames usually end with "plz," which means "please." Any deviantART member can post plz avatars in comments, forums, etc.

To post an avatar in a comment, put a colon, write the word icon, write the person's username, and then put another colon. Even if the username has capital letters, capitalization is not required in this type of coding. This plz account's username is YugiMutou-plz, so the coding is:

:iconyugimutou-plz: :pointr: :iconyugimutou-plz:

Yami Yuugi The King of Games ver.1 CSS by yami-hotaru-yuko
Heartshipping CSS by yami-hotaru-yuko
CSS edited by and Duel Monsters cards background by BrotherlyFluff
Background edited by GoddessIrene
Millennium Puzzle cursor by BrotherlyFluff


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Yuugi Mutou

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